Doug Albers

Doug Albers Sr. is a partner at GreatLifeKC, a rapidly growing firm that owns, operates, and/or manages a portfolio of both public and private golf courses.

GreatLifeKC is actively involved with properties that span the Kansas City, Wichita and Southern Missouri markets. Their courses are comprised of a large number of well-respected institutions, like Staley Farms, Canyon Farms, St. Joe CC, Deer Creek, Drumm Farm, Falcon Ridge, Leavenworth CC, Royal Meadows, Painted Hills, Liberty Hills CC, River Oaks & The Oaks, as well as Osage National in the Ozarks and Tallgrass CC in Wichita.

Doug Albers Sr. and his team at GreatLifeKC are devoted to improving members and golfers experiences by innovation and new exciting offerings. They are revolutionizing the golf course and redefining how golf facilities are being used. This often includes upgrading the facilities in question and expanding their amenities. An additional perk is that members enjoy exclusive privileges at all GreatLifeKC clubs and fitness centers in the region. Members of GreatLifeKC can play on any of the courses with different access based on membership level, as well as having access to their state-of-the-art fitness centers. GreatLifeKC works hard to transform golf facilities and spaces into year-round hubs of community that build and maintain a positive, healthy atmosphere.

GrealLifeKC is also adopting a more diverse set of golf offerings. These include Foot Golf, which provides kids a chance to play alongside their parents, as well as Fling Golf, an engaging hybrid of lacrosse and golf. These as well as other golf innovations will make golfing better for each and every golfer whether they are looking for a different spin on the game of golf or faster and easier course navigation and play.

Doug Albers Sr. proudly employs a hands-on approach to visiting and overseeing all the GreatLife golf courses that fall under his purview. Currently there are 14 of them, 12 of which are in the Kansas City area alone, which Doug makes sure to spend time at each and every month. Leveraging more than 40 years of experience in business ownership and executive leadership to GreatLife’s benefit, Doug Albers Sr. ensures that each property remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and quality.

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Given the the company’s roots as a family-owned business, it should come as no surprise that GreatLifeKC’s leadership team is dedicated to helping children and families in their community through charitable work. The GreatLife Cares Foundation was established to keep these values central to the company’s culture and to ensure that their efforts to enrich lives through golf, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle continue for years to come.