As made evident in previous series entries, golf courses are broadening their technological horizons in bold new ways. Certain features of the sport–some dating back to the its origin–have undergone a technological makeover, from advanced club designs to the Golf Skate Caddy offered at six of GreatLifeGolfKC’s Kansas City area courses.


This year is already predicted to be dominated by advanced forms of technology–maybe more so than any year in recent history. With this notion in mind, here are some golf-related technological trends that may catch fire during 2017:


The “year of drivers”


Many major golf equipment distributors have announced that they will release new drivers during 2017. These companies include Callaway, Titleist, and Taylormade. The new clubs will feature new designs focusing on head weight distribution and spin, among other innovative visions. Early reception of the clubs has been extremely positive, so it will be interesting to see what the rest of the year will hold for drivers.


Colored golf balls


Manufacturers have been increasing their production of colored golf balls as of late, according to Golfshake’s Owen Davies. These companies include Srixon and Volvik, both of which offer colors ranging from orange to pink. Colored balls are nothing new to the sport, but their recent spike in popularity will likely continue throughout 2017.


Boa technology


Founded in the early 2000s, Boa technology strives to give its users a quicker, more convenient method to lacing their shoes. After recently launching a new corporate branding identity, this technology has found its stride in 2017–especially on golf courses. Ever since, Boa has enjoyed growing appeal in the 2017 footwear department. Expect more golfers to make the transition to this technology as the year continues.


On board diagnostics


“Smart golf clubs” are emerging as the future of club design. These clubs strive to improve your measure your shot distance and the power of your swings by means of app-based sensor technology. As app-oriented technology continues to gain momentum in 2017, it would not be surprising to see “smart” clubs begin to shake up the golf equipment industry.


Carbon crowns


A slight extension of the aforementioned driver trend, carbon crowns are poised to become prominent during 2017. This innovative design technique focuses on the use of carbon, rather than titanium, in the design of driver heads. This approach is taken to make clubs more stable and easier to use during play.